Advertising monetization managerCareer

Advertising monetization manager

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for analyzing game advertising data, including advertising effectiveness, user behavior, and other aspects, to help optimize advertising monetization strategies;
  • Based on the results of data analysis, develop corresponding advertising optimization strategies to improve advertising monetization efficiency and revenue;
  • Responsible for the planning and execution of advertising placement, including the selection of advertising platforms, formulation of placement strategies, etc;
  • Establish cooperative relationships with advertising platforms and advertisers, maintain good cooperative relationships, and strive for better cooperation conditions;
  • Write data reports, summarize advertising monetization and data analysis results.


  • Familiar with various advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Unity, able to choose the most suitable advertising platform based on different game types and advertising needs;
  • Possess certain data analysis and processing skills, and be proficient in using common data analysis tools and techniques, such as SQL, Python, etc;
  • Strong communication skills and teamwork spirit, able to collaborate and communicate well with other departments;
  • Having strong learning and problem-solving abilities, able to quickly adapt to different work environments and needs;
  • Having a deep understanding and understanding of the gaming industry and internet advertising industry, able to timely grasp new industry trends and trends;
  • Full time unified enrollment with a bachelor’s degree or above, clear mathematical logic, and high data sensitivity.


  • Location

    Beijing, China

  • Job Category

    Advertising monetization manager

  • Job Type

    Social recruitment

  • Posted Date

    23 Jul 2023

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