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Game Designer

Job Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for the design of system structure and functions, document writing, and whole-process follow-up
  • Assist the leader in planning the version content and follow-up plan
  • According to player feedback and analysis of existing operation data, promote system optimization


  • Eager to get into the game industry, have a strong sense of responsibility and self-growth desire
  • Be proactive and do not shrink back when encountering problems
  • Accurate communication and clear logic
  • Be modest and not conceited, and have good teamwork ability


  • Excellent writing ability
  • Have abundant game experience, and have a deep understanding of non-commercial 3A games
  • Could master any one of the major programming languages
  • Have some knowledge of painting


  • Location

    Beijing, China

  • Job Category


  • Job Type

    Campus recruitment

  • Posted Date

    23 Mar 2023

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