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QA Leader

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for leading the team to design test cases, arrange test plans, and continuously expand the depth and breadth of testing based on the game planning document and actual product situation
  • Conduct a series of tests on the game, including functionality, performance, compatibility, usability, and game playability
  • Independently complete the construction of all testing environments and related management work
  • Optimize the requirement development process, manage the version release process and quality management standards, and improve testing efficiency and quality


  • More than 5 years of experience in mobile game testing
  • Have participated in at least one complete process from game project proposal to launch and operation
  • Have attention to detail, a strong sense of responsibility, patience, execution ability, and able to bear a large workload and pressure
  • Passionate about games, have abundant experience and understanding of mobile games and have good project risk control awareness
  • Familiar with mainstream testing methods and theories, master mainstream testing and management tools, and be proficient in at least one development or scripting language
  • Good communication skills, active communication awareness, and experience leading a team
  • Bachelor’s degree or above is preferred, with a preference for computer-related majors


  • Location

    Beijing, China

  • Job Category


  • Job Type

    Social recruitment

  • Posted Date

    23 Mar 2023

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