Senior Cocos Creator Game Development EngineerCareer

Senior Cocos Creator Game Development Engineer

Job Responsibilities

  • Use Cocos2d-x/CosCreator to develop cross platform games and create a unique gaming experience!
  • Responsible for the design and code implementation of game functional modules, controlling the performance and stability of the implementation.
  • Fully negotiate with the server-side program to complete the interface design.
  • Collaborate with product/art teams to complete design content and continuously refine performance and feel.


  • Bachelor’s degree or above in science and engineering, proficient in using Cocos Creator.
  • Proficient in C++, proficient in programming languages such as TypeScript and Java, familiar with graphic rendering techniques, and have experience in Shader programming.
  • Love gaming, willing to work in the gaming industry for a long time, waiting for you to explore the overseas market!
  • Solid code foundation and good logical thinking ability, possessing basic knowledge of software engineering, and valuing user experience!
  • Diligent and meticulous, willing to communicate, strong learning ability, good cooperation ability, and extremely high work enthusiasm!
  • Open mindedness, dare to break through oneself, constantly grow, and start a new chapter in the game with us!


  • Location

    Beijing, China

  • Job Category


  • Job Type

    Social recruitment

  • Posted Date

    24 May 2024

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