Senior Game DesignerCareer

Senior Game Designer

Job Requirements

  • Responsible for the overall system design and optimization of the game
  • Responsible for writing game design documents, designing interactive processes, ensuring clear documentation maintenance, and consistency with design
  • Follow up on game development and promote progress on corresponding features
  • Responsible for game feedback collection and analyze to improve user experience
  • Research and learn from competitors, provide optimization solutions, and new ideas


  • Bachelor’s degree or above, without specific major required
  • Have experience in developing casual games for the overseas market and excellent English reading and writing abilities
  • Passionate about games and have rich experience in the industry, with analytical and appreciative abilities
  • Strong execution and learning ability, with a sense of responsibility
  • More than 3 years of experience in system planning and related work


  • Experience in successful projects in the overseas market
  • Ability to use at least one programming language
  • Have some knowledge of art design
  • Have a deep understanding of psychology and economics
  • Have data analysis capabilities


  • Location

    Beijing, China

  • Job Category


  • Job Type

    Social recruitment

  • Posted Date

    23 Mar 2023

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